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Why you need a cloud-based channel manager for your hotel?

Cloud-based channel management for hotels: why is it necessary and how to use it?

Channels are the backbone of the business, transporting guests to discover and enjoy the property as well as making bookings. Cloud-based applications enable keeping channels up to date in real-time, allowing to safely track reservations and rates against network availability. Channels are the lifeblood of every business, transporting guests to discover and appreciate your resort while also facilitating bookings. The use of cloud-based applications makes sure all these updates are immediate.

A channel manager is a software tool that allows a hotel to sell all of its rooms on all of its connected online booking sites, including online travel agencies and direct booking channels, at the same time. It aids in maintaining brand recognition among all online travel companies. The channel manager is responsible for updating room availability real-time across direct and indirect platforms.

With the advent of online booking agencies such as, Agoda, and Expedia in recent years, channel managers have been formed to assist hotels in navigating the new marketplace without losing guests or income – in fact, a channel manager may considerably boost a hotel’s ability to attract reservations and optimize profit. If you’re marketing your hotel rooms through many internet channels, such as online travel agencies and your own website, and the chore of continually updating and revising your listings is becoming too much for you, a channel manager can assist.

Why a cloud-based channel manager is needed for hotels?

One of the most cost-effective ways to support hotel business operations is through the use of a cloud-based channel manager. From a single dashboard, one can easily advertise property and services across all distribution networks.

  • Can be connected from any place, any time

The cloud-based channel manager is simple, easy to use, and reliable. Regardless of how remote the property is, once connected to a channel manager, one can be confident that any changes to rates and availability, will be reflected instantly across all of the chosen channels. This helps in highly reducing the booking mistakes that occur due to data mismatch with real-time.

  • Advanced data integration

Cloud-based channel manager usually has a mobile application that allows users to make updates from any place, at any time, and take advantage of demand on time. This is the simple and intuitive interface is trusted by thousands of travelers and hotel vendors as it is simple to operate and requires minimal technical skills.

  • An invaluable data sources

Cloud-based Channel Manager is a powerful tool that can help hotels to organize their guests in order to maximize revenue. This tool allows to create guest profiles that help better understand guests and their needs in order to attract them and increase business.

  • A complete system

The majority of channel managers are installed in-house which only manage either online channels or the organization’s property management system while some channel managers manage only online channels, and some manage both online and in-house processes. In order to incorporate all these platforms, a cloud-based channel manager is the best. It integrates all these different platforms into a unified whole.

How to make the most use of a Cloud-Based Channel Manager for your hotel?

Cloud-based channel managers when used properly will definitely maximize the hotel profits. Following are some tips for making the most out of a cloud-based channel manager:

  • Channel Managers Should Encourage Direct Bookings

Even if the hotel rooms and services are accessible by multiple online travel agencies (OTAs), direct bookings will always be more profitable than third-party bookings. So, it is beneficial if hotels can use their website as a distribution channel as well. Furthermore, it is necessary the correct booking engine are used for direct bookings and is integrated it with the cloud-based channel manager.

  • Use the Pricing Tool to configure prices in Channel Manager

The channel manager should be used to create price charts for different rooms. Thorough competitor research must be done to determine the rates since underselling will affect the revenue margin whereas overselling will create decrease in number of bookings. So, proper intelligence tools should be utilized for suitable charges for rooms. Using a cloud-based channel manager will help making price changes with a single click based on the pricing tool’s recommendations.

  • Channel that includes a worldwide distribution system

Connecting to a cloud-based channel manager helps the hotels to get exposure to a globally distributed system. Details about your hotel, rooms and pricing and location will enhance the tour operators to have greater access to details of your hotel and accommodation, allowing them to secure more reservations.

  • Connect the property management system to the channel manager

For smooth hotel administration, linking a cloud-based channel manager with a property management system (PMS) is beneficial. By integrating channel management with PMS, hotels can simultaneously list all of their bookings and available rooms in all the network connections. Following integration, the two-way communication between the channel manager and PMS will aid in lessening the hassles associated with overbookings for your hotel. The cloud-based channel manager serves as an outlet for communication between the property management system (PMS) and online travel agencies. Without the need for human oversight, the channel manager updates every booking on the PMS. This oversight, therefore, saves you a ton of time and work.

  • Mark Important Events Using the Cloud-Based Channel

Manager When using cloud-based channel management, reminders to PMS can be inserted for some crucial dates, and anyone who utilizes the system will be informed if the room prices need to be increased or decreased. A pricing tool can be used to examine the supply and demand for particular dates and prices can be adjusted likewise.


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