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We provide customized IT services to meet all of your IT needs, including consultation, support, backup and recovery, infrastructure management, hardware and software acquisitions, product sales and support, IT training, hosting, and domain registration at a low cost in a very economical price. Our energetic team is equipped with latest technological advancements and is continuously offer our clients with the best IT-related services on the market.

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We are dedicated to consistently giving our clients top-notch IT solutions that are improved and efficient. Our motivated team is available to meet all of the clients' IT needs and contribute to the smooth running of the business.

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We love the challenge of delivering truly custom IT services that function perfectly and we constantly strive to provide quality service to our customers.
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Web Development

Every business and organization requires a well-presented website that highlights their unique selling point to their target audience. A well-designed website is in charge of consumer attraction, activity, and retention. S.A I.T Solution and Trade Concern creates personalized websites with original content, graphics, photos, and animations, as well as domain name registration, to ensure your website stands out from the crowd.
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, or online marketing is a method of advertising products, services, and brands using digital platforms in order to reach thousands of potential consumers in a short period of time. People are increasingly turning to digital marketing since it is less expensive, has a wider reach, and produces better results. S.A I.T Solution and Trade Concern provides a one-stop shop for all digital marketing services. Our online marketing team has the best digital marketers who are experienced in developing digital strategies to increase your Facebook/ Instagram page likes and followers, create engaging contents about products and services that reach a wide audience, and help generate both business exposure and sales.
IT Infrastructure Service

IT Infrastrcuture

We, the S.A I.T Solution and Trade Concern, are here to help you with your IT infrastructure needs. We will supply services as and when your organization requires them, whether it is desktop or server upgrades.
We provide IT infrastructure. We offer timely maintenance and upkeep of machinery, IT hardware, and software, including Microsoft Windows, to support your productive operation. We offer desktop PC deployment, repair, and upgrade services so you may replace your outdated computers with newer, faster ones without having to spend a fortune on new office computers and IT equipment.
We also assist server administration. If the server with which your company is linked is not sufficiently secure, your company's vital data may be jeopardized. We strive to update your server as needed and to ensure that data is transferred smoothly from the old to the new server.
Tech Support

Helpdesk Support

With the always evolving technical aspects of the IT world, organizations will not be able to focus both on developing their businesses and working to comply with new technical advancements. Moreover, it is a must to be technically fit to capture today’s competitive market. In such scenarios, S.A I.T Solution and Trade Concern is here to help. From looking after your daily technical needs to helping your organization comply with beautiful technical advancements with gradual or on-the-go changes as per your requirements, we are here as your complete tech support Guru. With a monthly charge or task-specific package, your organization can hire our team for technical support needs.
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Website & Domain Hosting

Every business requires a certain website that provides users with detailed information regarding the overall existence of the business. That website is allocated a certain amount of space on a web server/ Internet by hosting providers. By choosing a proper web hosting plan, websites load quickly and in a reliable manner for visitors. S.A I.T Solution and Trade Concern provides companies / customers with the market’s best web hosting facilities that help reaching and capturing targeted customers with timely loading websites depicting services in an appropriate manner.
S.A.I.T. also provide quality domain registration and register both domestic and international domains. Additionally, we provide reliable hosting and domain transfer services, as well as domain name sales and brand-new domain registration.
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Wired & Wireless Networking

S.A I.T Solution and Trade Concern works to ensure the quality, continuity, and security of the network your business and organization are connected to. For a well-managed network, we regularly monitor, update, maintain, find, fix, and avoid any potential network issues. Additionally, our network management system is always ready to deliver quick application responses so that businesses connected to our network may improve client experiences and boost customer retention.

Brands we work with

We have a great deal of expertise working with some of the world's best and most renowned technological brands.
Ruijie Networks
Hewlett Packard
Grandstream Networks

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